Pelindaba Lavender Organic Gourmet Lavender Honey – 9 oz


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  • Organic wildflower honey slowly infused with our own organic lavender
  • Spread on toast and scones
  • Use as an exotic and natural sweetener
  • Makes an excellent glaze or addition to a marinade for roasted meats and chicken
  • Made on our Washington Farm

Pelindaba Lavender Organic Gourmet Lavender Honey - 9 oz

Size:9 oz by vol

Lavender infusion really comes into its own when producing Pelindaba’s exotic Organic Lavender Gourmet Honey. Infused with our organically certified lavender flower buds and essential oil, this wonderful certified organic wildflower honey from Brazil is delicious on toast and scones and scones, in whipped cream instead of sugar, and as an addition to marinades for roasted meats and chicken. Crystallization of honey is a natural process that can sometimes occur. Warming the honey gently in a microwave or stove-top double boiler is a great way to soften any crystallization that may occur.

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