Organic Raw Chestnut Honey 250g from Sicily Solmielato


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  • Organic, Raw, Rare product made in small batches
  • Raw
  • Perfect for Cheeses
  • Made by artisan beekeeper in Zafferana Etnea along the slopes of the Etna active volcano in Sicily
  • Imported from Sicily

Organic Raw Honey,"Chestnut Blossom", Unprocessed, Unheated, Imported from Sicily, Jar of 250g

Flavor:Chestnut  |  Size:250g

Pure chestnut honey is liquid (higher fructose to glucose ratio) and has a reddish tinge. In its pure state, it can be quite bitter and smell like turpentine! FilippoÕs chestnut honey in the last 2 years has been milder, and it has a real following. People love it on its own, with cheese, on pancakes filled with ricotta, as an ingredient for cocktails. In northern Italy and France, chestnut honey and blue cheese are a classical pair. People will enjoy them in the winter, by the fireplace, with slices of juicy pears, a bowl of walnuts and a glass of port wine. Together, the blue cheese and the chestnut honey create an explosion of flavors, with many layers.


More about Chestnut Honey

Produced in Etna’s Wood and Sila’s mountains in Calabria
Flowering period: June
Physical State: Liquid
Color: More or less dark amber, tending to red
Smell: Intense, aromatic, prickly, acrid, wooden
Taste: Slightly bitter
Aroma: intense, very distinctive

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