Melidoron Raw Greek Chestnut Tree Honey, 250 g


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  • 100% Pure Greek Honey New Harvest !!
  • Collected and packaged by FASILIS BEEKEEPING FAMILY, in Peloponnesus Area (South Greece). Collection Period: June
  • Slightly bitter flavour. Dark colour and strong aroma. Delicious for breakfast, amazing on yogurt or as dessert, that will boost your energy and mood all day long.
  • Extracted cold and minimally filtered maintaining beneficial properties of nectar and pollen. The taste from season-to-season can be subtly different, as the bees gather from a diverse variety of flowers
  • The company applies HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) to all steps of production

Melidoron Raw Greek Chestnut Tree Honey 250 g It is collected from the nectar and the honey dews of the Chestnut (Castanea sativa) also known as “Queen of the mountain”, in the virgin forests of the South-eastern Peloponnese at an altitude of over 800m from early June until July. The honey dews are produced by the aphid “Myzocallis castanicola” that is found under the leaves and on the “cups” which surround the nuts of the tree. The nectar and the honey dews are usually accompanied by nectar dews of various wild flowers and herbs. So the collected honey is a real feast of flavours. It is a unique type of honey less sweet than all the others with a slightly bitter taste. Its special aroma and its racy flavours make it distinguish.

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