Daniolo Organic Chestnut Raw Honey (300g)


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This honey is collected from the nectar and the honey dews of the Chestnut (Castanea Sativa) also known as the” Queen of the Mountain” from the Southern Peloponnese as well as Northern regions of Greece. These chestnut forests grow in an altitude of over 800m and are harvested from early June until July. Though chestnut honey is popular in the southern Mediterranean basin, particularly Italy, and Greece, No two are alike. Many factors affect the color and odor, including the type of chestnut, the microclimate in which it grows, type of bees and even weather conditions (in a dry summer honey saturates).The darker the honey, the stronger the smell – this general rule is subject to chestnut honey, but its flavor is even more strong than in other types of honey.


More About Daniolo Organic Chestnut Raw Honey (300g)

  • The DANIOLO Chestnut Honey produces a dark color honey, racy in flavor giving it its distinctive character.
  • A less sweet honey compared to more traditional honeys, this honey mirrors a slightly bitter “caramelized sugar” flavor.
  • DANIOLO Chestnut honey is reminiscent of the crystallized sweet topping of a Crème Brûlée or the bittersweet syrup on the bottom (top if inversed) of a flan.
  • DANIOLO honey is produced with the collaboration of bee farmers practicing sustainable bee farming methods; protecting the health and natural welfare of the bee community against commercial exhaustion. This has won DANIOLO respect as a company which also aims to serve sustainable environment missions.
  • DANIOLO brand honey is always unheated, unaltered, and 100% raw wild-collected organic honey.
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